11 June 2013

Friends with (health) benefits: The TT pot plant REVEAL!

Contrary to popular opinion, indoor air is more polluted than its outdoor counterpart, posing significant risks to our health, according to Body+Soul. Toxic gases leach from floorboards, carpets, TVs and window coverings, collectively contributing to increasingly poor indoor air quality (click here to read more). On the weekend I told you about our new Fiddle Leaf Figs. These guys are my new best friends - slow growing, happy to live indoors AND THEY DON'T ANSWER BACK. Tick. After giving them a bit of a Table Tonic-y makeover, I thought I'd give you a squizz:

(above) I bought a large one and a small one (from the Four Seasons Nursery in Belrose), not entirely sure of where they would go in the house, but I loved them enough to know that just one wasn't going to cut it. I put the large one in a Red Striped Jute Bowl ($55) in our new Library...

(above) And I put the small one in a Large Brown Uashmama Bag ($34)! Apparently they don't need much water at all, just a cup every 3 weeks or so. PS I have a saucer under each pot to catch the water.

Happy Tuesday Tonic-ettes! What indoor plants are you loving right now?

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