16 April 2013

TT Spotlight: Pixel Academy

Who: Pixel Academy.
What: Photographic courses for students (all levels of experience) – from children through to the smartphone photographer – to sharpen photographic skills and ensure beautiful images every time.
Where: Suite 501, 5th Floor, 11 Randle Street Surry Hills (Sydney, Australia).

Pixel Academy was founded in Sydney, Australia by international photographer, Kata Bayer. Kata’s unique philosophy of holistic photography—blending technical knowledge with creative inspiration—is the foundation upon which Pixel Academy has been developed.

Her philosophy has been embraced by Pixel Academy’s hand picked tutors who bring their wide and up to the minute photographic knowledge and their great love of photography to students. With many years of photographic experience, the teachers are not only highly qualified to demonstrate the practical skills that are crucial to photography, but also the creative know-how to craft heart-stopping, emotional images.It is this holistic approach that can set your photography apart from the rest.

The following photographs are a selection from the work of Pixel Academy founder, Kata Bayer. SIGN ME UP is all I can say!
Got an iPhone? Want to be introduced to the world of the most well designed apps and their functions? Want to be shown techniques that will allow you to exercise creative control while taking iPhone photographs? This $99 course is for you!
Perhaps you own a digital SLR camera and you are interested in learning about the camera’s creative settings and want to gain more control over your shots? Want a comprehensive understanding of your camera’s functions whilst learning foundations of creative photography? This "action packed, fun and creative" (beginner level) course is for you!
Want to learn about identifying the key factors of travel photography? Interested in to recognizing elements involved in composition, lens choice and useful techniques for various weather conditions and situations? This 3 hour course is for you!

PS Stay tuned for more courses (coming soon), including:
- Children’s Introduction to Photography (ages 6 and up)
- Blogger’s Essentials
- Capture better images for your business 
- Corporate & Team Building Packages
Visit Pixel Academy, phone 0414 061 400 or email hello@pixelacademy.com.au 

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