11 October 2012

Three smashing websites, three new TT interviews!

On Tuesday 18th September, the day before my 38th birthday, an interview I did with The Design Files went live. As one of TDF's biggest fans (sweartogod), I was chuffed to the power of 17. Thank you for having me Lucy!

So. Let's talk LifeStyled. For those who enjoyed my Making Colour Cool post, guess what?! Part two, Decorating with Colour is now live! Surprised even myself with some killer tips there...

Fairfax Media's new Women's Lifestyle site Daily Life (bookmark it rightnow) went live just this morning with my top tips on How to make your home more beautiful.

I really hope you get a chance to read them all and let me know what you think. Happy Thursday Tonic-ettes! PS I have SO much more to share with you... Watch this space.

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