08 August 2012

The best $8 you'll ever spend... Seriously!

The Olympic Games. Table Tonic Washi Tape. It's a match made in heaven! Washi tape hails from Japan and is a fancy schmacy craft "sticky tape", only it's made from rice paper (yes you can write on it!). It's also low tack, so it's easy peasy to reposition - great for kid's craft. 

But what can you do with it? Ohhhhhh, where to start....! I'll let Pinterest do the talking. Click for inspiration: 
Washi Tape Ideas
Washi Tape Projects
Washi Tape Craft

Consider kid's birthday presents officially SORTED (little people go nuts for the stuff)! Each roll contains 15 metres (almost 50 feet) of tape. PS Be warned - there are 26 different designs to choose from! Click to shop!

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