13 March 2012

Two NEW design reads every bookshelf needs!

Australia's Best Interiors 
Australia's Best Interiors, is a majorly inspirational and primarily pictorial book (the best kind!) filled with what is oh-so-hot-right-now in Australian interior design. Walk through a selection of Australia's finest homes, and be prepared to have your attention firmly grabbed on each and every one of the 192 pages (rrp $39.95). Click to buy. 
Edited by Gary Takle, published December 2011

Houses for Small Spaces  
With many cities around the globe bursting at the seams, councils are creating smaller lot sizes. As a result, architects and designers are pushing the boundaries of available space. In this book some super-stylish solutions are examined and help the reader to think outside the square to create a house that is both aesthetically good, as well as practical. A must read for anyone building on a tight site (that covers everyone living in Sydney right there!) as well as industry professionals (rrp $39.95). Click to buy.
Edited by Gary Takle, published December 2011

I've blogged about Gary Takle's other amazing books before, so take a trip down TT memory lane and get the good stuff here, here and here. Oh, and buy any of the books online by clicking here. Happy reading!

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