07 March 2012

TT needs YOU! Operation "Get-Jane-on-a-plane"!

Here's one you may not have head before - In return for some of her on-tap styling expertise (storyboard creation/room makeover help/1 day shopping trip), whizz-bang Sydney Stylist Jane Frosh is asking for donations to get her backside on a plane to London. Why? To attend one of (UK Interior Design Goddess) Abigail Ahern's "Styling Masterclass" workshops (Abigail  even found out about Jane's campaign and blogged about it!). Find out more about the campaign and donate here. You may have heard of Jane - her "little black shack" was recently featured in Country Style magazine!

That's Jane's son (another Jasper!) behind the door, and the chicken's name? "Oprah"! Of course. Read more about Jane's Country Style magazine shoot here. And PS Before you get all excited about the pink front door (isn't it awesome?!), you should know that it's now (equally awesome) hermes orange! And just like that I want an orange front door...

(below) Jane in action. Yes. I always look this fabulous when I'm painting...

But back to the campaign, which Jane describes as a "fun and light hearted" way to "get my brand out there":
storyboard building: $50  The first 10 people to donate $50 will get a consultation with Jane on re-styling a room of their choice (at their house) by creating a storyboard highlighting colour/texture and furniture choice.
Room design: $100  The first 5 people to donate $100 I will have the option of getting Jane to "create" a room for them, including specific furniture choices and where to purchase.
Personal styling: $1,000 For a $1000 donation, Jane is offering a full days personal styling, including a shopping trip, storyboards and design concepts.

And if she can raise some money then that would be "an added bonus!" Good luck Jane! PPS Don't forget to bookmark Jane's super snappy blog, and click here to GET JANE ON THAT PLANE!

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