27 March 2012

My right-now faves: 9 things I want you to know about

My new favourite wine: Logan 2011 Hannah Rose, out of Orange, NSW. Just beautiful. And would you look at the label! Glorious all over the place.

My new favourite beauty buy: Grown anything. Think luxurious organic skincare. And think "grown not manufactured". Really gorgeous products and the Vanilla and Orange Peel hand cream is to DIE for, just quietly. Shop online here.

My new favourite hair finisher-off-er-er: Speaking of clean beauty buys, now that my hair is longer, Frizzy Logic (click to buy) has replaced Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray (click to buy) as my Original Mineral post-blow-dry helper of choice. Makes it a bit shiny and piece-y and conditioned looking. PS Only on the ends, girls!

My new favourite read: I can't get enough of WellBeing magazine right now. Just brilliant. Oh, and same deal for figs. Obviously.

My new favourite mag: Looks like I need to subscribe to (UK) Living etc. Oh brother. It's goooood. Huge thanks to TT reader Kathy for sending me this copy!

(below) And look what she pointed out to me inside - A very Table Tonic inspired kid's room! Get the look with these Ikat cushions and these Mexican bedspreads!

My new favourite mag cover: Aussie VOGUE (bit late, I know). No words.

My new favourite carb: Weeeee! It's nearly Easter! And PS THANK YOU COLES FOR MAKING A RAISIN (ugh!) FREE HOT CROSS BUN. Amen to that.

In other news, I am currently listening to Lana Del Ray's album "Born to Die" like there's no tomorrow. Wow. Go have a listen on iTunes or You Tube. It's moody and sexy and beautiful. Audio crack. Happy Tuesday Tonic-ettes.

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