16 March 2012

Just in! MINI Juju Hats at tabletonic.com.au!

Put your concentration hats on Tonic-ettes, things just got interesting. Table Tonic Juju Hats now come in not two, but THREE glorious and cute-as-a-button sizes: Large, Baby and the newest addition - MINI (below)!

(above) Mini Juju Hat in Off White, $239 (click to buy). 

(above) Mini Juju Hat in Yellow, $239 (click to buy).

So, to recap:
LARGE Juju Hats are around 75cm diameter ($650). 
BABY Juju Hats are around 55cm diameter ($399). 
MINI Juju Hats are around 40cm diameter ($239).
And if it's all too much, click here to view the full range of Table Tonic Juju Hats. In other news, the Baby Juju Hats (below) in off white, $399 are now available to pre-order!

Click to shop Table Tonic - Global treasures for the Modern Bohemian! Juju'd be crazy not to (boom-tish)!

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