02 February 2012

Fun times at Howards Storage World

As I mentioned in Wednesday's blog post, I merrily trotted off to Howards Storage World yesterday. The lovely HSW folks gave me some pocket money to play with (SQUEAL!) and some for you guys too (DOUBLE SQUEAL! - But more on that later!). January 2012 was officially "Organising Month" at Howards and I'm calling February "Organising Month: The Sequel". So off I went...

I could have gone significantly more nuts than I did. Really. I could have. There were more storage solutions than you could poke a clear perspex shoe box at! But hey, as one of my Twitter followers so correctly pointed out, "OMG You're going to need storage for your storage!". Ahem. 

SO. Here's what I came home with:

(above) An apple peeler/corer thingy for making "apple slinkys", a simplehuman grocery bag holder, a Space Bag combo set (hello winter doonas taking up way too much space in the linen cupboard!) and a Leifheit wall/cupboard-mounted roll holder.

(above) A silicon garlic peeler (they work brilliantly!), a toothbrush holder for Anoushka, measuring cups for mummy and a hook for my poor hand towel (I use cloth nappies and change them daily) which will be so much happier on a hook!

(above) Tupperware for our nuts (which always go in the overcrowded fridge) and sandwiches and Oxo ice trays.

(above) A pre-compost-bin mini bin for our vegetable scraps, wire racks for inside the kitchen cupboards (so much wasted space!), a tray for the bathroom drawer and a big orange storage box.

(above) Storage baskets with handles for the fridge (hows your condiment shelf looking?) and the pantry...

(above) Omigosh. SO excited about these "dryer balls". They go in the dryer with your clothes and bump around, lifting and separating out all the creases as they go. Certified non-toxic too - unlike fabric softeners (which I canned about a year ago) and which you will no longer need if you use these babies!

(above) Super clever shower caddies that hang over the side of the shower and have hooks over the other side. No more towels hanging on doors (a favourite pastime in our house!?).

So fasten your seat belts Tonic-ettes! I'll be holding your hand and guiding you through the various transformations that will be taking place in Casa Tonic over the next few days (or let's just be honest - this could take weeks!). It's going to be fun. The best bit? I have five $100 Howards Storage World gift cards to give away. Stay tuned for all the deets! Feeling lucky? Click on over and shop the Howards Storage World online catalogue (yes, the one with the Table Tonic mention!)

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