24 February 2012

The 5 Howards Storage World gift card winners are:

An enormous thank you to everyone who entered my Howard's Storage World $100 gift card giveaway - the tips were amazing (this is definitely the most fun I've had doing a giveaway)! If I were you, I'd head over to the Table Tonic Facebook page and my personal Facebook Page and read them all! And the 5 gift card winners are:

1. Jennifer Barker "On the back of my pantry cupboards I place the most important notes from school onto cork board tiles that I stuck on with double sided tape. Means I am never hunting for details for excursions, photo day etc etc. Saves me so much time and frustration!"
2. Mish Downey "Storage tip #1: since I started drinking my daily green juice :) I've created a juice box in my fridge, containing my carrots, celery, spinach and cucumber. Makes it easy to grab the key ingredients from one place when I'm in a hurry in the morning. Storage tip #2: I love sending cards and collect them whenever one catches my eye. I now house them in a mail sorter on my desk. Keeps them top of mind and handy for when I want to scribble a note or thank someone."

3. Fleur Harvey
"My motto is that everything should have a place! The school bags were always an issue so we bought some old high school lockers. The kids think they're great. Everyone has a name tag in their chosen font and colour. And my husband has one for his dirty work boots! It sits near our front entrance and we have magnetic hooks on the side for keys to hang. My locker has a stack of 6 paper trays inside labelled with "kids", "bills", etc. Bliss!"

4. Anna McMurray The only thing that keeps my linen cupboard from complete chaos is sticky labels stuck to the end of the shelves. On them I write, "single", "queen" "pillow cases", "towels" etc... even if they are not folded beautifully (as if?) they are at least "organised".
5. Kate Thorpe "My best tip for organising your 2nd draw in the kitchen is tie all your utensils into a few bundles with rubber bands. As you use the utensil, replace it back into the draw on its own. After one month or two, what ever is still in rubber bands is clearly something you don't need or use so send it to charity store!"

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS (I'll be in touch via Facebook soon) and enormous thanks to everyone who took the time to enter! And although they miss out on a $100
Howard's Storage World gift card, I have to give special mention to a few people who had these stellar tips to share (I'll be trying all of them!):
Margie Rahmann
Kate Parkinson and Paula Norman all had the same idea: "A great storage tip (and one which doesn't cost a cent!) is to overhaul your linen cupboard – store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match. Instant grab factor! Great for kids to grab a pillow case filled with their sheets out of the cupboard and attempt to change their own beds!"
Di Nash "Use your beautiful cups and saucers to store your precious jewellery."
Nicole Wesley
I use one of the
Howard's Storage World jewellery hangers with clear pockets to store all my phone and camera charges and cords - I just hang it on the back of a cupboard door .. makes it so much easier to find those things when I need them. If I was really organised I'd label the pockets so anyone could find them.
Ilana Sutton
Organising storage space in my home is my *thing* and Howards Storage World is like my mother ship! I live in a two bedroom apartment with my husband and (almost) 1yr old and every little bit of concealed spaced needs to be maximized and used in the most efficient way possible or else I would completely lose the plot, as I like things to appear pretty on the outside but very functional behind closed doors. One of my favourite items from
Howard's Storage World  is the long skinny plastic basket with the handle, I use these everywhere, in the laundry, fridge, pantry, to keep all the fiddly bits neat and tidy... in my pantry cupboard which is really deep I have all of these at the front (full of bottles and jars of sauces and condiments) so that I can pull them out easily and behind them are all of my baking goods, rice pasta etc... I also have some in the fridge, in one I put all the left over bits from making my lunch salads so that when I need to make the next one i just pull out the whole basket instead of rummaging around trying to find everything again. Whenever I move into a new space I spend a lot of time working out what goes best in what cupboard, I adjust all of the shelf heights again to maximise the storage space (no point having a big open space in your cupboard) if this happens I'll add one of those little under shelf basket thingys and stack cans or things like that in it so there is no waste of space. In my chest of draws I use all my tiffany boxes and lids to compartmentalize all my jewels, so when I open my draw everything is easy to find but also looks pretty. I have under bed storage for all of my freshly pressed bed linen (btw way love the idea of putting matching sets in one of the pillow cases from the set, will definitely be borrowing that idea!)... Everything in my house has a 'home' and I know where absolutely everything is... my husband thinks I am crazy but when he yells from the bedroom "where are my sunglasses" I can yell back, "third draw down on the left hand side, in the tray on the right"... satisfaction!

(below) All that talk of organising even saw me rearranging my tupperware cupboard - on a Sunday morning! And on that note, Happy Weekend Tonic-ettes!

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