01 December 2011

Summer! Summer! Summer!

It's very unusual to have 3 "meaningful" days in a row, but this time of year is so special for Mr Tonic and I - Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, today marks the first day of Summer in Australia (finally!) and tomorrow is Mr Tonic's birthday. And just wait until you see what I bought him us! Here's a clue. Happy days!

Images via Vogue UK and Pinterest

And Summer is EXTRA special because it's my sister-in-law's name aaaand... (drum roll)... she's having a baby next May! Woohoooooo! I have 2 nieces and a nephew on Mr Tonic's side, but this is the first child for my brother & Summer. It's just so dingin' exciting. 

Happy Summer, Tonic-ettes - Get that Vitamin D into you!

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