23 September 2011

The Style Net: A Day in the Life of Louise Bell

If you're missing me today, head on over to The Style Net and read A Day in the Life of Louise Bell. And then bookmark aforementioned The Style Net. Because I know you'll love it.

In other news, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Vitamix  with my birthday money (thank you all for the beautiful birthday messages!!). They're not cheap (far from it), but I read so many "best investment ever" testimonials, that I was 110% convinced. And this morning, I threw a frozen banana, frozen berries and some ice into it for the kids. They couldn't believe they were having "gelato" for breakfast!! And well, finally, I am drinking smoooooth green smoothies! Such a nice change! I also bought this $69 Celsius "rebounder" (fancy word for a mini trampoline) from Rebel Sport on Tuesday, and it is a whole lot of fun. They actually use this brand at my mum's gym. Bouncing is extremely good for the lymphatic system (read what The Alkaline Sisters have to say about it) and when you throw in an iPod and some Bjork, the time just flies! Happy weekend Tonic-ettes! Oh, and don't forget:

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