19 August 2011

Belgian Beauty: A modern(ist) home in the trees

It seems waffles and chocolates weren't the only good thing to come out of Belgium! Completed in 2007, this 800 square-metre residence was designed by Belgian Architecture firm AABE, and leaves me with one question - When can I move in?! This style of modernist/masculine/minimalism appeals very much to the Virgo in me. The multi-billionairess Virgo in me (sigh). And any home surrounded by bucketloads of trees always gets my vote. Without them, what have you got? Bricks and mortar....

All images AABE

Click here for the full article and more swoony pics! And you might want to bookmark the AABE website for later - there's serious eye candy rummaging to be had...

On a side note, my juice cleanse is going great guns. 

 (above) "Red Juice" - my favourite hands down 
(not counting the "Cashew Mylk")...

Day 1 was fairly okay, to be honest - apart from the constant need to urinate!! Day 2 as well (today is day 3 and I finish on Sunday), and while I haven't been at all hungry, I am missing the sensation of eating solids. But the juices are ridiculously delicious, even Mr Tonic is slightly envious. The children are just mildly confused/amused. And yes, you can look forward to my juice cleanse diary next week on the blog. PS It's the 19th today and I'm excited - A month exactly until my birthday! PPS Happy Friday Tonic-ettes!

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