11 July 2011

A day in the life: 11.07.11

The Sunday threads: 
Jac + Jack knit, Bassike tee, Nudie Thin Finn Jeans, converse sneakers. Also known as "the outfit that ticks all the boxes".

The online mags: 
Happy days - the July/August issue of Lonny is live!

The mags: 
Woohoo! The August 2011 issue of Aussie InStyle is on sale today! Knew I ducked into the newsagent this morning for a reason!

I also grabbed a copy of June 2011 Whole Living. Who have a fab website, by the way.

The websites: 
After months of appalling eating habits, I'm back on track - all thanks to a bunch of absolutely phenomenal human beings, blogging about wellness and food, all for the love of it. I have the following to thank (and on my daily reads list): 
1. Stephmodo I've had this one on my Table Tonic blogroll for yonks, but do I ever get a chance to read my favourite blogs? Not really. I randomly clicked on it the other night and landed on this post. The post that started this beautiful ball of healthy eating rolling for me.
2. The Wellness Warrior Fellow Aussie (and ex-mag chick) Jess spends her time juicing, meditating, practicing Bikram yoga and "learning everything I can about healing".
3. My New Roots An award-winning blog, written by Sarah, a holistic nutritionist and Vegetarian Chef in Denmark. I have learned bucketloads from this one.
4. 101 Cookbooks Heidi Swanson has written 2 cookbooks since starting this popular food blog. That's how good she is.

(above) My New Roots Ob. Sessed.

The bar: 
From healthy eating to alcohol! Ha! Mr Tonic has finished painting/fixing/restoring the "Madmen Bar". Check it:

 (below) The "before" shot...

The dinner: 
The "Prawn & Chorizo Gumbo" from the current (July 2011) issue of Real Living magazine is to die for. And it was so quick and easy! Try it. Tonight!

(below) The recipe, which I hope you can read! 
Click to enlarge (I made it with brown rice).

The Tonic: 
New ink for the trusty TT swing tag stamps = Happiness!

The breakfast: 
I've gone from virtually skipping breakfast to these. And they're as quick as they are delicious, as they are nutritious. Remember to keep servings small (this is high energy stuff) and buy organic whenever possible. Now, pay attention: (below) Rolled oats (just a sprinkle), pear, banana, raw walnuts, plain yoghurt (full fat), cinnamon sugar, soy milk.

(below) Rolled oats, strawberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, chia seeds, plain yoghurt (full fat), soy milk.

(below) Cooked brown rice (trust me), dried apricots, banana, raw walnuts, plain yoghurt (full fat), shredded coconut, chia seeds, soy milk.

The Etsy buy: 
You might remember this post when I first bought them, and they arrived on Friday! Handmade friendship bracelets from Etsy seller The Cat Paradox (aka Kirsten). So gorgeous. And cheap as!

The obsession:
After seeing Sabrina of After DRK's, I had to get my mitts on a (giant!) crystal pendant necklace from Fashionology. I went with the Smokey Citrine (shown here on my Tiffany & Co. chain) and adore it. Cost around AUD$55 all up, including delivery. 

The end! Happy Monday friends!

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