13 July 2011

Baby Wipes: 21 get-outta-town-good cleaning tips!

On Saturday afternoon, I had a friend popping over. I did the obligatory whip around, scooping up Lego, packing away tupperware, dirty socks, Barbie dolls... Things were looking good. Until I (at the last minute) caught sight of the stove top. Oh my giddy aunt that will NOT do. I frantically reached for the closest thing - a (Huggies) baby wipe. Well. My life changed at that precise moment. It was the easiest, quickest, most painless experience involving a dirty stove top, like, ever! So what did I do? I tweeted about it!

And the response was enough to write a dozen blog posts. But for now, one will do.

These were your best baby wipe cleaning tips - too dingin' good not to share (thank you all!):
 brilliant for around light switches!
I use baby wipes to clean spilled loose make up off my dressing table. Also as a quick shower for lunch time gym going.
I use mine to clean little finger marks off my kitchen cupboards and stainless steel appliances. Gold!
When sippy cups get swung around and milk falls on our "new rug" I like to spot clean with wipes! 
If baby wipes strong enuf to clean the stove, imagine what chemicals and allergies we are exposing babies to! 
they are great for cleaning shoes and getting spot stains out of clothes too
You can clean your iPhone and iPad screens with babywipes and like you, I have also cleaned my stove with them! 
Will baby wipes work for Mac screens then? baby wipes are the best thing ever! 
babywipes are fab for cleaning the car dashboard...too easy & great results! 
i use babywipes as make-up remover, laptop keyboard, drink holder bracket in car, outside of my make-up colour palate cases! 
I like Curash fragrance free baby wipes and the chamomile baby wipes =) handy and affordable! face feels refreshed
I've always used them to clean my dashboard, cupholders, etc.
I saw note about working on leather pouffe but I've also had warnings not to use on leather. So tread carefully. p.s is this really our sat night!
The only thing I use to clean my suede sofa. But must be u scented from Aldi. If u looked at it u would never guess a toddler lived here. Underneath diff. story. Have even used then to remove texta. Also use them to clean Barbies and other toys and if really lazy (or tipsy) will use them to remove make up. 
 I find them useful to do a mini mop on the floor, cleans marks on the tiles saving your pulling the mop out all the time 
carpet, clothes, shoes, purse everything
They're my fave cleaning product. Even got ink off my leather pouffe! Particularly brilliant for getting spew out of carpet :)
BIG fan. (have you used them on the bathroom sink? BIG winner). I totally use them for the walls too! They are aw-sum! But why? I'd hate to think what I'm wiping my mini me's butt with... The best are the wall's by far. Oh and the car interior. Oh oh and the bottom of the shower...you name it they wipe it! 

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