13 June 2011

Monday morning modern wisdom

I saw this on Twitter last night, and had such a laugh I just had to whip out some of my trusty Photoshop skills and turn it into some "Modern Wisdom" for you! PS Click to follow Table Tonic on Twitter.

PPS And you you're partial to a one-liner, you can follow @WillyFerrel here!


  1. Woo Hooo! Finnaly found a reason to registrer on twitter. Thanks for sharing that. And your modern wisdom is fab!

  2. Love it! Hope you're having a lovely looooong weekend :) The sun has come out for us today so am imploring it to "please stay!" Nicolex

  3. Love this! Have just pinned it on Pinterest - my latest obsession!

  4. Definitely funny and so true but have to say a tad bit scary too that this is what life has turned into - yikes- I don't think about all that too much- well I do know that ever photo taken of me will inevitably turn up on facebook and I do wonder how I'm looking but haven't thought too much about tweeting side of it!
    Very good for our contemporary world!!

  5. FABNESS! Totally made me laugh. Feel a bit sorry for us all as well... x

  6. OMG I love this!! LMAO. thanks for sharing.

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