29 June 2011

Modern Wisdom

If you missed Beyonce's performance at Glastonbury, you have not lived. I've never called myself a Beyonce fan as such, but after seeing this clip of her on stage at the festival, I'm thinking of buying this t-shirt:

And just like that, I'm putting "See Beyonce live" on my "Things to do before you die" list. 


  1. Yes, DEFINITELY add it to your list. I saw her tour two years ago and she is out of this world amazing. Afterwards, I added "Line up as long as it takes to get to the front of her next concert" to my list.

  2. Lou, I was there and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!

    I was really close to the stage and could not stop looking back at the 100,000+ crowd. It was so amazing to see her and the crowd having the times of their lives.

    Shes on my "people i would turn for" list


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