17 June 2011

A day in the life: 17.06.11

:: THE THREADS :: Joanie Loves Chachi mohair knit, Isabel Marant singlet, Witchery skinny jeans, Jerome Dreyfuss (Isabel Marant's husband!) Carlos bag (best. bag. ever.), Dannika suede ankle boots from Joanie Loves Chachi.

:: THE OBSESSION :: And just like that, French label Iro is  on my radar. Check out these looks from their "look book" and you'll see why:

:: THE GLOSS :: Two of Australia's iconic brands, Bloom Cosmetics and Boost Juice, have collaborated to create one of the coolest ranges of the year. Taking inspiration from Boost Juice's best-selling iconic smoothies, Bloom has created six luscious lip balms (just $6.95 each!) to match. And just like Boost, they share the same catchy names: Strawberry Squeeze, Mango Tango, Banana Buzz, Watermelon Crush, Berry Bang and Tropical Storm. The lip balms contain soothing beeswax, nourishing jojoba seed oil and moisturising vitamin E. Yum.

:: THE GUIDE :: The Glitter Guide is live! Click on over and see what all the (much anticipated) fuss is about!

:: THE E-STORE :: After a minor hiccup/delay, the Kiehl's e-store is also live! Click to shop and don't forget to enter coupon code lipglossblog at checkout to receive a free Kiehl’s Lip Gloss with any purchase! PS Delivery is free for the month of June! PPS Complimentary gift wrapping & free samples with every order!

:: THE WALLPAPER :: Porter's Paints is delighted to announce the release of Maharani, their latest wallpaper design in the Porter's collection. Inspired by traditional Mehndi designs and the colours of India, this wallpaper is fit for a princess (or indeed a prince). Maharani has been released in two colourways - Indigo & Verdigris. PS View Porter's full wallpaper collection here.

:: THE KID'S STUFF :: Jasper's official "cuddly" is Lionel the Lion, a NICI soft toy which has been through the washer/dryer 17 jillion times. He's a loved-up mess of a toy! So when I found out about the newest pirate gang in town, NICI Pirates, it understandably hit a bit of a soft spot. And given that Anoushka is currently pirate obsessed, I just had to share this. The fabulously fearsome threesome of quirky plush characters include a handsome captain Lion, a bearded buccaneer Bear and a goofy Gecko dressed as a deck-hand ($29.95 for Small and $49.95 for Large). PS The boy(and girl!)-friendly range also features some pirate accessories, including a red and black Pirate Hat Cushion ($34.95), Mug ($9.95) and Cereal Bowl ($16.95). For stockist info, phone Jasnor on 1300 881 940 or visit jasnor.com.au.

(above) When I told them of her obsession, Jasnor were kind enough to send Anoushka two little pirates (which she held for a full 5 seconds before Jasper claimed one of them)!

:: THE PRESS :: I'm loving the cover of the July issue of Real Living mag, which is on sale soon!

Page 62 and 63 were my favourites. Here's why:

(below) Table Tonic Ikat cushions in Blue & White (click to buy) and Turquoise Spot (click to buy). These guys are currently on sale for $59.25 (25% off) each with coupon code JUNESALE at checkout!

This beautiful Grey Mexican Suzani (click to buy) is also currently on sale for $366.75 (25% off) with coupon code JUNESALE at checkout!

PS Happy Birthday Dad! Say hi to Venice for me!


  1. Seeing your things in real living yesterday I wondered whether it has become compulsory for every second homewares mag to feature your gear haha. Lovely to see you getting so much coverage. They look absolutely fabulous. Loving the blues. Well done!

  2. I was obsessed with IRO when I was in Paris...kind of like the poor man's (read:me) Isabel Marant!

  3. Love your jumper...wish sometimes i could wear 'itchy' stuff too... I seriously can't touch anything that has even a whiff of itchy wool. I can tell from the photo that would be a big fat no no for me. It's the gold beading though. Seriously cool.

  4. You dress so well for a 40 year old! it's inspiring

  5. Your Dannika boots are divine. As an expat living in the U.k I really do miss aussie fashion and style. Please , please let Joani Loves Chachi come online (with international deliveries). Love your blog!!

  6. lots of cool links to explore - loving your new jumper and threads, you are stylin it up Ms Louise!!
    i remember JoanieLovesChachi from Bondi/Paddo markets - great to see they have a shop now too!
    have a beautiful weekend

  7. Finally my daughters' obsessions with Boost Juice AND lipbalm come together!! I think those marketing geniuses must have planted a bug somewhere in our house ...


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