27 June 2011

Blast from the past: The SHOP magazine shoot

Ooooh! I just found some pictures from the Shop til you Drop magazine shoot they did at our previous house, which appeared in their July 2010 issue. I thought these would brighten up the little TT blog nicely...

(above) Wearing a Scanlan & Theodore dress, a Table Tonic tribal necklace and K Jacques sandals. Table Tonic Vintage Suzani, coffee table found on eBay and painted white.

(above) An Hermes box, my beautiful poppy bowl from The Armchair, a mirrored vase from Freedom and some favourite books all reside on a side table found on eBay and painted gloss black.

(above) A few of my favourite things. Kelly Wearstler's "Modern Glamour", Vintage silver coasters from eBay, a Crabtree & Evelyn candle atop a tiger print ceramic dish and a vintage glass bottle with a bunch of plastic succulents from Spotlight.

(above) Rainbow reads in Jasper's room. Arranging the books by colour instantly neatens up a kid's room. Try it!

"The statues", which continue to grow on me every day!

(above) The blue chairs made quite a statement in the living room (looking back into the kitchen). Table Tonic Ikat cushions.

(above) A certain princess's favourite tutu (hanging off some Anthropologie coral knobs, sourced on eBay)!

(above) A Table Tonic Moroccan Wedding Blanket and Union Jack cushions (on the bed that wouldn't fit into our new bedroom!).

(above) This was the bookshelf joinery wall in our old kitchen and I miss it (and my books) dearly. One thing our new house doesn't have is bookshelves (or even spare walls for them!). Wearing: Indigo stripey top, Kookai pants, Table Tonic tribal necklace and a vintage belt from Sydney's Glebe markets (back when they were... vintage-y).

And so the next chapter begins! 
Happy Monday, Tonic-ettes!


  1. love your kitchen Louise - bet that was hard to leave behind. And those bookshelves! that would really 'fix' my place

  2. ps, do you know who did your built-ins?

  3. Great photos! You did a fantastic job with that place, it had a great vibe!

  4. Incredibly beautiful and you are gorgeous Louise!

  5. Thanks for being a part of my Monday morning blog browse. Love the colour. K. x

  6. The sky light (or void) above the built in's is fantastic. <3 the statues.

  7. I have the same vintage silver coasters that I inherited with my husband B :)

  8. Great photos, Love the Bookshelf, it reminds me of the of the old house for sale near my place

  9. Thanks everyone. Yes, I was feeling nostalgic...!

    Heavenly Ingredients - We used a local joiner here in Sydney, who Mr Tonic had used previously. Let me know if you want further info?

  10. The gorgeous colours in your Shop Til You Drop photo make my eyes zing! I love your eye for colour.

  11. Louise - although our paths may never cross (in person!).... I have to tell you that I love the way you roll! Our taste is soooooooooo similar it's spooky. I love everything about that house, you are a constant source of inspiration! I love reading your blog. S x

  12. Hi Louise,

    I just commented and it didn't work. It seems to happen everytime I go too comment. I'm wondering how many other people fail to comment because of this. If you refresh the comment disappears and then if you submit around 4 times on the 4th time finally the text box comes up that makes put in the copied text. At this point usually I give up.
    I have been following your blog for a long time and it happens every time. :)

  13. Anonymous, thank you so much for the heads up. I suspected as much - was wondering why hardly anyone was leaving comments lately.
    Oh Blogger. You've done it again.

    Right will try and investigate...

  14. This is a beautiful site, I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon it! I'm particularly enamoured with the necklace you're sporting and that exquisite wedding blanket on the master bed. Your images are so cheery, they've brought a smile to my tea break!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  15. Stunning! I love your previous home AND love this blog!




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