19 May 2011

This doesn't spoil anything!

Rather loving the Adore Home magazine "spoilers" on Lori's fabulous Adore Home Blog! We've now learned that the following gems will be scattered throughout the forthcoming issue of Adore magazine which, as it would appear, will be hitting our screens any... day... now...

(above) "An eclectic display home, designed by Australian Interior Designer, Lucy Fenton". PS You can read more about the project at 33 Wattle Road (in Melbourne's Hawthorn) over on The Design Files. Apparently, four designers were invited to each decorate one apartment. I bags this one!

(above) Cristina Re's "gorgeous Melbourne home"

(above) "A special living rooms feature".

Bring on the adoration! And watch this space, Tonic-ettes - You know I will shout it from the rooftops once this baby goes live!


  1. Love the crosses on the dresser in the first one. Nicolex

  2. These interiors are so beautiful and inviting! I like how fresh and colorful they look. Definitely inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow can't wait, looks amazing

  4. these crosses are wonderful! the rest - too. lovely greetingsto you, Louise

  5. J'adore Adore, can't wait! The swan canvas in the Lucy Fenton apartment is too lovely, don't you think..?

  6. Just discovered your blog! Yay!! So beautiful and full of inspiration. I'm going to go check out more now! PS - Love that painting in the first pic!


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