16 May 2011

Table Tonic week(end) in review

The "On sale today":
(above) Real Living June 2011
(below) InStyle June 2011

The "Brrrr":
A cold snap swept through Sydney this week, prompting me to wonder what I wore last winter, and subsequently, hit the shops. And besides, who can argue with 30% off new season knitwear at Witchery (25% off for non-members)? Ker. Ching. PS I bought the Turtle Neck Oversized Pullover, the Chunky Stitch Shrug and the Blanket Cardigan in "Charcoal Marle". Oh, and also? Bought the Bauble Boyfriend Knit, which has a great, short-at-the-front, long-at-the-back hemline. Ready when you are, winter! 

The threads:
Wearing (below) the Witchery Bauble Boyfriend Knit, with my new Bassike prisoner stripes - Slouch jersey pant in washed navy & white, $130. PS Photos by Anoushka. Who is 3.

(below) Oh, and naturally I got a top as well. Damn Bassike for being next to the cafe that sells the world's best bread.

The chandelier:
"Coconut Shell Curled Tusk Pendant" in Winter White (74cm deep x 57cm high) from Gia Collectione. Amazing, no? It is made from punched ‘shell’ from a coconut (the shell is beneath the rough husk once the husk is removed). Even though they look precious, they are apparently extremely durable and can be positioned under (covered) decks or marquees as well as indoors. Oh, and they're rust proof too - the metal is all powder coated. Handbeaded, handcrafted, handperfected – "likened to an elaborate Collette Dinnigan evening gown". Made of all natural organic materials in rococo, tribal and gini bottle shapes, not your ordinary glass or crystal varieties! Click here for deets.

The eye candy: 
The Sass & Bide are a walking explosion of colour again - This time at InStyle magazine's Women of Style Awards 2011, which was held at a converted warehouse in Sydney last Monday night. See the full list of winners here.


The Repeller:
If you haven't already, catch blogger/ New Yorker/Fashionista/Comedienne Leandra Medine on The Coveteur. Love her style as much as her wit. Exhibit A (referring to the image below): "Ah, the official blogger ring. I bought my arty oval when I was abroad in Paris last fall. Before I was a blogger. One time, at a Passion Pit concert I smacked myself in the face with it. This is also the framed page from my Lucky Magazine spread. It was in the March issue. Don’t I look like the Mediterranean version of Ellen DeGeneres? Got to love a crisp white suit". PS You must visit Leandra's (and it's not often that I swear) bloody awesome blog, The Man Repeller.

 The soup:
As in, THE soup. Serious. The vote at the table was unanimous - "Best soup ever". Anoushka even asked for more mushrooms and I, in turn, tried not to fall off my chair. Loosely based on a recipe in the current House & Garden mag. I only ever do "loosely based" when I cook. Hey, why torture yourself by sticking to a recipe - If I don't have any barley? Damn it, I'm going to use leftover brown rice! 

(above) "Porcini, pancetta & barley soup with dill" and (below) the reason food stylists everywhere are in business - because this is what food looks like without one. But it tasted spectacular. Here's what I did: Soften onions in a generous dash of olive oil, add bacon/pancetta and brown, add garlic & mushrooms, sautee for a few minutes. Add a few cups of beef stock (depending on how "soupy" you like it), add salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Bring to the boil, then add halved cherry tomatoes, cooked brown rice and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Done!

The Boy:
When Bryan Boy goes to Marrakesh? People like me get somewhat excited. See his Prada-banana-shirted photo diary here!

PS We have the same Karen Walker sunnies. 
I quite love that.

The pool:
 Insta-lust all over the place. Via Simple Lovely (and yes, it is lovely, so go say hi).

The gene pool:
What's the expression? "Like mother, like daughter"? It's sweet how much she loves reading Shop 4 Kids!

The end.


  1. Louise.... you ckrack me up! LOL!!!

    That soup looks great, thinking of trying that soon! Nice Hermes cuff ;)

    Northern Light

  2. i could sear that pool is in my freinds parents house in castle crag in sydney???

  3. Oh Louise .. that pic made me larf!!
    NOT the soup (although yes, I agree, food stylists are soup-rememely talented - get it .. soup!!).
    NOT Tonic #2 reading the mag.
    NOT even the fact you went to buy bread and came home with clothes.

    BUT the image of Tonic #1's stoop. My boys get themselves into such weird, uncomfortable positions and I think 'what is wrong with these kids' .. but seeing yours doing a very similar impersonation of my 2 .. I larfed and larfed and larfed .. so THANKS (-:

  4. tee hee - as I was scanning over the pic of the S&B girls I said to myself "some serious manrepelling going on there.." and then scrolled down to your link to Leandra's blog. loving the bryanboy pic too!

  5. I wish Heidi and Sarah-Jane would adopt me!

  6. I got my copy of Real Living too over the weekend,love the rug thats on the cover

  7. Ahh I totally missed RL coming on sale today, I will have to pick it up tomorrow! That soup looks AMAZING and so perfect for this chilly weather, thank you for sharing xx

  8. I love that you promote magazines - very dangerous though as I have been going to the newsagent a little too often of late.

  9. What do I have left in my fridge at the moment but cherry tomatoes, bacon & mushys! Love the soup but will swap barley/brown rice for quinoa - YUM!

    Damn I missed picking up Instyle.

  10. Ahhh your little Miss has started early as has mine. Shop 4 Kids and Shop Girl engage her for quite some time. All those 'pretties'.


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