25 May 2011

Stylish Homes: Nikki Tibbles's Notting Hill townhouse

This 5 bedroom townhouse, situated in London's Notting Hill, belongs to florist Nikki Tibbles, a stunning example of the unexpected and the juxtaposed resulting in an extraordinarily triumphant interior. I've spoken before of my love for Florist's home decor. They have a certain aesthetic, often surprising, always a little organic, rustic even. Art is always present - in abundance. Would you have considered a dove grey interior with bursts of colour throughout? Me neither. But by golly, it's rocking my socks off. PS These magnificent images were found via the fab ladies over at Desire to Inspire.

If you're sitting there wondering where you've seen it before, you may remember Nikki's home from the January 2011 issue of Inside Out magazine (below):

Now, wasn't that a spectacular way to start a Wednesday?


  1. Great colours, and ones I would never think of mixing up. She has a great eye for colour and is a fabulous florist - I have bought many flowers from her shop when I lived in London.

  2. Wow! I am in love with this home. I like how she layered her home with loads of colors and patterns. Her home looks lived in and it is bursting with personality! And eye candies are everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing a beautiful home tour with us!


  3. such an amazing space. My favourite elements are the floral missoni rug in the 'pink' room,...and the way that she has hung paintings right to the ceiling in the kitchen. gorgeous.

  4. Love the grey shaggy pouf

  5. That was amazing! love it all.

  6. Ahhhh.Freaking.Mazing
    Thanks for sharing

  7. wow her place just blew me away.... :)))) GORGEOUS.

  8. Love it! stunning use of colour.

  9. Oh my. Thanks for the visual splendour you provide on a daily basis Louise. You have truly outdone yourself today.


  10. Does anyone know where the pink table and bench seats are from? And does anyone know why she is wearing sunglasses inside her house in every shot?


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