14 May 2011

Happy weekend!

So for those non-bloggers/non-tweeters who were blissfully unaware, Blogger was "down for maintenance" (for what seemed like an eternity!) yesterday. My regular "bookmark-worthy sites" post will be back next week, but for now, here's a bit of good old fashioned eye candy - I haven't done one of these posts in ages! Happy weekend!


  1. delicious interiors! happy weekend to you!

  2. Yes I hated yesterday!
    Have a great w/end :))

  3. Acutely aware, it drove me CRAZY! Love the eye candy, have a lovely weekend. Nicolex

  4. Wasn't it painful? Finally though, she's back in action.= :) Love the post, as always x

  5. Yesterday was SO weird.
    It's like Blogger decided we all needed a day off. Next time though I would rather make my own choice on day's off.

    Oh, and love your bag. Freaky as I just bought an almost exact colour (but slightly different shape) today from Country Road. Must be a virgo thing.

    Oh Oh (that's like PPS) glad you like that house image too.

  6. Yes, the fact that it was missing made me realise how much I love it.
    Have a wonderful weekend Louise!

  7. So frustrating for blogger to be down but am enjoying catching up on all the great reads! Love that copper tub, calgon take me away!

  8. Gorgeous images! Hope your weekend's treated you well! Enjoy the day, Kellie xx


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