11 May 2011

Happy Lonny Day!

It's Lonny Day, Tonic-ettes! Click here to read the May/June 2011 issue! PS I just love the fact that there is almost always a smidge of gold somewhere on the Lonny cover. It's like some kind of Metallic "Where's Wally"!

I've yet to read it (I like to save my Lonny's for post-dinner cup of tea time), but would love to hear your fave (and least-fave if you're game!) bits. 


  1. Dude, I love Lonny day.

    My fave was the New Orleans' house of Raina (!) Pechansky.

  2. The house that Angie Hranowsky worked her magic on...I love her work, especially the way she often incorporates a grapish/plum into her interiors!

  3. Wowser I just discovered Angie has a blog (of course)...more eye candy!

  4. OMG.. Lonny day is the BEST.. I adore getting those emails! Ps: My favourite part.. The hunka burnin love giant piece of Amethyst in the fire place on page 174.. I die.. xx


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