03 May 2011

A day in the life: 03.05.11

The threads:
Country Road top / eBay fur vest / Sportsgirl black skinny jeans / Puma sneakers / Pamela Love cuff(!)

The magazine:
Belle June/July 2011 is in the house!

The label:
It's all about Viktoria + Woods. How did I not know about this label? Why didn't you guys tell me?! I was lucky enough to receive an incredibly beautiful care package from them yesterday, and you'll be seeing more of it soon, so don't change the channel! PS Viktoria and Woods is available in over 100 stores nationally, and will soon launch an online store. Yay.

The new online store:
Lux + Trip just just JUST opened it's virtual doors, and boy am I glad! My friend and ex-colleague Veronica has been taunting us with her colourful creations for a while now, but heck, it was worth the wait! So go say hi to your inner Bohemian and shop Lux + Trip like it's hot! Because, well, it  is.

The streetstyle:
And I'm still waiting for someone to identify her tan tote for me... (Via Jak and Jil aka Tommy Ton)

The fashion shoot:
Spanish Elle (May 2011) & Daria Werbowy like you've never seen her before. See the full editorial (you just have-to) here.

The book:
Hands up who didn't know Dennis Hopper was a kick-ass photographer? Me neither! Apparently, Dennis Hopper carried a camera everywhere during the 1960s - "on film sets and locations, at parties, in diners, bars and galleries, driving on freeways and walking on political marches. He photographed movie idols, pop stars, writers, artists, girlfriends, and complete strangers." And here it all is - 546 pages of fly on the wall fabulous-ness! Buy it here.

The boudoir:
And speaking of Dennis ... (via Ashe + Leandro)

The distraction:
I popped in to Woolies this morning to buy milk. MILK! Chocolate has milk in it, right?


  1. i love your vest..great ebay find xx

  2. thanks for the mention, lady! i may just forgive you for buying that pamela love cuff...maybe...

  3. love Dennis hopper photography, had no idea he had a book!

  4. that vest .... i'm in love!
    was it a one-off private seller, or can you pass on some details for me? please??????

  5. I love Viktoria and Woods! I have some pieces from years ago that I just love.

  6. Thanks everyone. PS The eBay seller is GT FUR CO. Hope that helps! PPS Peta - my emails to you keep bouncing back... Hopefully you see this!

  7. Louise,

    I think I may have found your bag for you. It looks like a Claire Vivier bag.

    Her official website - http://seevivier.com/

    The bag is the La Tropezienne leather tote bag in Tan which has more detailed pics here:


    Hope this is what you are after.


  8. Loving your day in the life posts, how did you know we wanted to know more about you and your life not just the interiors side ?? ;)


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