06 May 2011

6 May 2011, 8.14am

As an Architect, Mr Tonic greatly appreciates the fact that our house was designed to maximize the morning sun in Winter, and I'm starting to see why. While we would have been freezing at 8am on a May morning in our previous home (the living areas faced South), our dining area at the front is now awash with a toasty glow, each morning (it faces North) - and the warmth lingers all day... PS Anoushka was so taken with Jasper's new Tooshie rashie, she wore it to bed last night. Strange? Not really. She wore his wetsuit to kindy on Monday. I know.

Anoushka-Tonic shares a sunny corner with Audrey. Notice the drop sheet? Will we ever stop renovating?! (Floor cushion from Country Road)


  1. Oh I love her... look at the drop of her right hand as she downs her bottle with the left. And I think Anoushka could get away with wearing just about anything, including a wetsuit to kindy. Bless. x

  2. Have to agree on the north facing living rooms, or south facing ones on the other side of the planet. (I found that quite confusing when I practiced in London, everything was back to front. Of course, they thought it was us who are upside down....)

    Very cute shot of the sun worshippers. Have a wonderful weekend Louise!

  3. What a pose! Northern sun is my saviour in winter... our whole kitchen/living area faces north and joins onto an open deck. On a sunny day it's so toasty there's no need for the heater. gxo

  4. Hi lovely Louise, Gosh I've missed reading your blog :(
    What a lovely photo and I love the wetsuit to kindy, got a appreciate individuality and confidence at such a young age!
    I'm going to go and catch up with you and your blog now

  5. I love that you married an architect, have a toddler and are a virgo, to boot! I'm going to check out your pad right now...

  6. Mr Wicker & Stitch is also an architect and spends the whole of winter complaining that the only room in our house to face north is the bedroom!

    Angela x

  7. The one thing missing from our house is the sun ;(

  8. She is like the Chicest bebe ever.. Look at her drinking her bottle like she's posing for vogue.. x


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