19 April 2011

Table Tonic reader photo: My TT'd beach house

A customer recently emailed me the link to her beautiful home, just a suburb away in Sydney's Palm Beach. She recently purchased a Table Tonic Ink Spot Ikat cushion and a Powder Blue Moroccan Leather Pouffe (which can be seen in the background). The whole place has a beautiful beachy blue, tan and white thing going on. Click here to check it out. PS Did you spot the Allyson Reynolds moth painting? Anna Spiro did a post on them last year, and I haven't been able to get them out of my head since...

LJ Hooker
(left) Ink Spot Ikat cushion, $79
(right) Powder Blue Moroccan Leather Pouffe, $199

PPS Guess what? You can book this dreamy place for your next holiday rental (wait until you see the view from the kitchen!). Click here for details.


  1. that Blue Moroccan Leather Pouffe looks wonderful!

  2. I love those pouffes! I'm just waiting until our living room is built (extensions!) so I can get one too :)

  3. Beautiful pouffe! I did check out the rest of her home and it was gorgeous. The views from her master bedroom is so breathtaking. Love her home!


  4. House is stunning!!!! So gorgeous, i don't think I would want to rent it out if it was mine! And I adore that moth painting.

  5. Love that cushion and pouffe! What a beautiful blog, I am so glad I stumbled upon it Louise. Sasha xx


  6. That is so funny Louise! I just did a post featuring that very same artwork! And then I log onto your blog and see that you have too! :)


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