13 April 2011

Our patio makeover: The "during"

Admittedly we're only halfway there, but in case you missed it on my Mamamia post, here is our little patio makeover so far. I love that we have a patio. I just love saying patio. Every now and then I'll say to Mr Tonic: "Mr Tonic, why not turn up the jazz and join me for a G and T on the patio"...*
*Not really

Before (above) and after (below). Obviously.

(above) We have yet to paint the wall, but at least it's not magenta any more. Yikes. PS Got the FAB (set of 3) Terrazzo pots on eBay.

(above) The patio at Rose Seidler House, frighteningly similar to ours from certain angles!


  1. Hi Louise - did you just paint the concrete? What product? Our patio has a not so lovely terracotta color that I would love to paint over. And Rose Seidler house - swoon - my ideal modernist house.

  2. Love your makeover. Simple yet fabulous. Just add a table and a couple of dining chairs and you have a great place for entertaining.


  3. Hi Louise

    My friend and I both came across your site via Mamamia and now we're both totally hooked. Little Table Tonic touches are being seen around my house already.

    I've got the same concrete as Helen from the comment above. I'd love to fix it this Easter but have gotten confused by my googling into how to paint it properly. People have mentioned etching acid amongst other stuff. Do you have any tips?

  4. I´ve also want to know more about the floor; it seems a kind of vinyl floor... or it´s just paint? thanks!

  5. And where better to enjoy a bombay sapphire G & T, or go all out with a Ten & Tonic, than on a lovely patio such as this?

    Why, the cocktail even has your name in it, so you gotta love it!

  6. I love the new color-what a contrast from before! I adore a good before and after :)

  7. terrazzo pots are a good find...they looks amazing! Been wanting to get something similar for my kitchen balcony. :)))


  8. Looking good. Glad to know I'm not the only one that conveniently acquires those Bunnings shopping baskets!


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