25 April 2011

Easter long weekend = 4 new online buys!

What: Bassike Grey marle scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress
Where: mycatwalk.com.au

Somebody recently left a comment on my blog asking if I "have shares in Bassike or something". And rightly so. I know own a total of 14 Bassike pieces. And the odds are, I'm wearing (at least) one of these babies every day:
1. Grey marle scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress (mycatwalk)
2. Stripe scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress (ebay.com.au)
3. Army scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress (in store)
4. Washed navy tank dress MED (in store)
5. Washed navy tank dress XL (bassike.com.au)
6. White circle dress (in store)
7. Beige circle dress (Shopbop)
8. Grey tie back singlet dress (Shopbop)
9. White tie back singlet dress (in store)
10. Black jeans (in store)
11. Black denim shorts (in store)
12. White denim shorts (in store)
13. Stripe pants (in store)
14. Stripe tank dress (in store)

(left to right) Stripe scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress, Beige circle dress, Grey marle scoop long sleeve t-shirt dress

What: Pamela Love Silver Talon Cuff (!)
Where: openingceremony.us 
The only way I can justify this is by saying I've wanted one for so so SO long. The silver talon cuffs, seem to be particularly hard to come by (you can buy direct from the Pamela Love website, but they charge a bomb for shipping to Australia), so when I saw one on OC, I snapped it up. And lucky I did, as it seems to have been the last one! PS Opening Ceremony seem to stock one of the biggest ranges of Pamela Love I've seen online so far (click here to check out the goodness).

What: Nathan Smith "flap" singlet
Where: thegrandsocial.com.au 
Aussie designer Nathan Smith makes killer basics with just a hint of edginess. I am in love with both lilac and long, t-shirt-y anything right now, so to find this (and on sale!) was a little bit great. PS The Grand Social offers free shipping on all orders within Australia, and the brands they stock really are the cream of the Aussie/New Zealand crop.

What: Topshop coat  
Where: ebay.co.uk  
I also finally tracked down this "sold out" Topshop shearling peacoat last night. Here it is below, as spotted on Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely (left), as well as the gorgeous Gala Gonzalez (right), of Inside Am-lul's Closet fame. It seems to be the blogger's coat of choice!

One little eBay tip worth sharing: If you're searching for something in particular on eBay, search on the eBay of the country your item is "native" to - you'll have much better odds that way. So if it's a Topshop coat you want, search English/UK eBay. If it's some elusive Isabel Marant boots you're after, search French eBay. Yes, you may have to translate a few pages, and not everyone will ship to your country, but you may just get lucky like I did!

Happy Anzac Day, Australia! x


  1. Good Buys! Have you been to Zara yet? I'm going tomorrow, can't wait!!!

  2. I'm sharing bassike love too - just wish it wasn't so exxy!

  3. I realise your post is really just a light hearted commentary on your shopping, but by including as your last line "Happy Anzac Day, Australia!x" it could offend many.

    Anzac Day is supposed to be a national day of reflection on the sacrifice so many have paid for us all. Writing this as (what appears to be) an afterthought on your post comes across as a glib and flippant addition that belittles the meaning of the day, which I'm sure wasn't your intention.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Heidi - an accurate observation. Given that I had not planned on publishing a dedicated Anzac Day post, I thought it was better "tacked onto" the end of this post than omitted entirely. Thanks again for your input.

  5. so sweet!! I love those dresses- great with leggings

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  9. Hi Louise!

    Im about to buy the bassike stripe pants, in the washed navy and white. only what is the sizing like? I've never bought bassike before. but I'm usually a 10 in bottoms, i dont like elastic digging in!


  10. Hi Anon,
    You could go a MEDIUM, I reckon. I'm about an 11 or 12 on the bottom (hate elastic digging in too!) and I have the brown stripe in XL and washed navy stripe in L and both are perfect. You could possibly go a SMALL, but I'd get the MEDIUM to be safe. They may shrink up a little too, and you don't want the calf bit getting too tight...
    Hope that helps!


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