25 April 2011

Audrey the Berber Dog

Monday 25th April 2011, 2.34pm: Where there is a photo shoot, there is a dog. Often a kid as well, but we have the good fortune of being child-free today(!). Exhibit A: Audrey sitting on the merchandise.


  1. dogs get away with so much! love the curled under paw...must be comfortable! dayle

  2. adorable...hope you guys had a great Easter!

  3. Your Audrey reminds me of our Seb :) I'm popping by to let you know I’m passing on a LOVELY BLOG award to you and as it is my first I’m not sure if serious bloggers accept them but wanted to pay you the compliment anyway as Table Tonic is my blogging religion and I couldn't list a group of blogs I loved without including yours! If you feel like it, check out my post here. Nicolex

  4. Yep. Know the feeling. If it aint the kidlets it is the cat.. Always there. One is never alone.. :)

    Hope you had a fab Easter weekend.

    x C


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