09 March 2011

What I'm wearing: The foot edition

Had a few enquiries about the colour on my toes after this post, so here's the scoop: It's an Orly gold glitter nailpolish, 16 clams from the counter of my local chemist. And the only thing that may indicate a name on the bottle are the numbers 0106710 on the base (I'm guessing a batch number) and the words HAIR BAND on the side. Again, not entirely sure this is the answer though!

(above) K Jacques sandals from Bloodorange (I wear them every single day), toes by Orly

Glitter nailpolish is actually fab if you're on a budget and/or time poor and can't squeeze in a pedicure. It's a whizz at concealing flaws and imperfections and the best bit? When it starts to chip, simply paint a few dabs on aforementioned chip (Shhh they'll never know!). And PS Paint on at least 3 coats at a time. You know, for maximum sparkly-ness!


  1. You are so tan! The end of winter is brutal with paleness here! :)

  2. can you believe that our local, country chemist had it! lol,..and for $7.95! Bargain! thx for the info xx

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