29 March 2011

Vogue Paris April 2011: Beautifully Bohemian

That heavenly, almost virginal April 2011 French Vogue cover (very bottom pic) has been floating around the blogosphere for a while now, but I only just laid eyes on the accompanying editorial, featuring new mum (omg) Gisele, a bucketload of neutrals and one helluva picturesque coastline. The words "too good not to share" came to mind. I'm such a sucker for comfy looking fashion...


  1. The second last picture was a total "peekaboo" surprise. And Gisele looks fabulous for a new mom.

  2. Cover gorgeous! The other pics...hmmm.

  3. Not of this world that one. Looks pretty bloody fabulous for a new mum or not if you ask me! Nicolex

  4. Wow stunning cover!!
    love that white dress...i do love the idea of boho chic dressing but cant pull it off- i look a mess!
    Giselle's looking a little gaunt actually - she looks thinner than pre-bub, looks like she forgot her skirt in the 2nd last pic haha


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