30 March 2011

On my bookshelf: 5 fab new interiors reads!

A so-fresh-it's-not-funny crop of coffee table glossiness just hit the Table Tonic's bookshelf, and I couldn't wait to give y'all the lowdown. Listen up:

(below) 1. Kelly Hoppen Ideas: Showcasing this world-renowned designer's exceptional talent and professional  experience, this is an invaluable source of inspiration and advice for anyone undertaking home design or redecoration, whatever the scale or budget. Kelly Hoppen explains how she works (insightful!) and offers creative solutions for every aspect of design and decoration, from evaluating and reconfiguring space and layout, to planning the lighting, choosing materials and furniture, and adding individual touches. Kelly Hoppen Ideas is the perfect resource for anyone embarking on a home design project, whether you're starting with a blank canvas or merely giving one room a freshen up.

And speaking of Kelly Hoppen, did you see the spread on her (below) in the latest issue of Rue?

(below) 2. Shopping Architecture Now!: 
Shops are the one place where the stars of the world of architecture encounter the people who make the world of design turn. The most recent retail spaces, worldwide are featured, ranging from astonishing shopping centers to interactive store windows or a tiny jewel-like chocolate store in the heart of Paris. A pop-up store for Dr. Martens shoes, a unique newsstand or flagship stores for the likes of Armani or Balenciaga are all part of what makes Retail Architecture one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of contemporary creativity. Apple computers, Uniqlo clothes, or Nike shoes can all be found here in a spirit of perfect harmony with the best that today's architecture and design can offer. Books, jewelry, fine foods and handbags are glorified and amplified by glass, steel, and the latest, most sophisticated techniques in design and branding. 

(below) 3. Essential Elegance, The interiors of Solís Betancourt: For Jose Solís and Paul Sherrill, partners in interior design firm Solís Betancourt, the goal for every interior is a balance between formal and informal, traditional and contemporary, while always keeping comfort and livability in mind. In a "Solís Betancourt room", comfort centers on the sensuous fabrics that might envelop an armchair, cushion a delicate settee, or softly frame a set of French doors. Fabric might be used as an accent, lining niches or bookcases as a background for the objects on display. Or fabric might take on a more important role, covering the ceiling and walls to create a tactile and alluring environment. These are interiors that offer a moment of transcendence, a glimpse beyond everyday routine. These are rooms to come home to, sanctuaries that offer a sense of protection, tranquility, and beauty. PS You can read Architectural Digest's profile on Solís Betancourt here. And PPS Click here to have a good "virtual rummage" through the book!

(below) 4. The Finest Rooms in America: I'm going to let the reviews do the talking on this one.
“A definitive compendium of decorating that's begging to live on your bookshelf. Mr. Jayne, mega decorator himself and disciple of interiors legend Albert Hadley, has a refreshingly democratic eye (for a decorator) presenting an array of finery from the tippy top of society’s homes—tastefully jammed with important European furniture or, conversely, lean and tailored with collectible modern. It is a treat to have all of this catalogued in one swell tome.” The Wall Street Journal 
Thomas Jayne, the New York decorator, has always brought both a scholarly knowledge of design history and a quirky sense of the modern to his work, creating rooms that bridge the old and the new. And even though there is none of Jayne’s own work in this new book, his sensibility is evident in his choice of what the book’s subtitle calls “fifty influential interiors from the 18th century to the present.” TheNewYorkTimes.com 
“From Thomas Jefferson’s tearoom to Albert Hadley’s sitting room, 50 of America’s most inspiring spaces.” House Beautiful 
“A fascinating tour of the country’s most influential extant spaces, by an always engaging, sharp-eyed guide.” Veranda 
“Titling a book The Finest Rooms in America is an ambitious proclamation, but Thomas Jayne delivers a thorough and satisfying portrait of some of the most striking American interiors in this new book.” AOL.com (Shelterpop)

(below) 5. Australia's Best Beach Houses: The ‘Best’ series is an inspirational set of pictorial books filled with what is ‘now’ in Australian architecture and design. Australia's Best Beach Houses is the fourth in the series - a superb showcase of the very best contemporary beach houses Australia has to offer. From modern contemporary to some more classic design styles, this gorgeous book has something for everybody.

PS Somebody say "Mother's Day is coming up"? Yes. Sunday 8th May. Diarize it! PPS For buying books online, I always recommend Book Depository, Booktopia or Amazon. UPDATE: Please add Booko to that list (thanks Jane)!


  1. Bookshelf ENVY!! Those all look fantastic.

  2. Ohhh wow, can't wait to get my hands on these, they all seem pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing Louise xx

  3. Awww I always love a good book recommendation!

  4. Ah, Louise, they all look fabulous. Oh, do visit www.booko.com.au - it's the best website ever for Australians buying books online. It's my best friend ☺. J x

  5. Thanks for Sharing, I want to rush out and purchase to add to my stack of reading!!!

  6. Try booko.com.au

    It checks all the online bookstores and gives you a price comparison so taking into consideration postage and the AUD it finds your book at the cheapest price.

  7. Thanks for Sharing, I want to rush out and purchase to add to my stack of reading!!!


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