04 March 2011

Mia Culpa: Confessions from the watercooler of life

The Mini Tonics are off to the Grand-Tonics for a sleepover this weekend, and boy am I looking forward to reading my amazing friend and ex-boss Mia's latest book, Mia Culpa (buy it here), which was released on Monday. (I read Mia's previous book, Mama Mia in about 3 hours straight - We were staying at a swisho hotel for Mr Tonic's birthday and at one point he was forced to remark "I suppose you're bringing that to dinner with us, are you?"). She writes great books. Great books. Laugh-out-loud-funny, and sometimes even cry-out-loud-sad. As the back of the book so aptly sums it up, "Mia Culpa is funny, moving and just like one long, wonderful dinner party conversation". And I'll be at that "dinner party" tomorrow night. In my Pajay-jays. Bring it.

Mia Culpa is photographed on a Table Tonic Pink Spot Ikat cushion.

(below) Mia's 2 previous books are truly just as fab - The New Black (buy it here) and Mama Mia (buy it here) and Mia's website, Mamamia is nothing short of bookmark-worthy to the max. As Mia always says, "Run, don't walk!".

(below) Mia is featured in the March 2011 issue of the Australian Women's Weekly - how beautiful is this shot of Mia in her daughter Coco's room (and yes, that's a Table Tonic Mexican Suzani on the bed!).


  1. That is one talented lady...it must have been really invigorating to have worked with her! And I love the title 'Mia culpa'...took me back to the days when I was studying for a law degree!! thanks for sharing, Louise!!
    And thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog...means a lot!! xx meenal

  2. How exciting! Enjoy your relaxing weekend reading:-)

  3. Looks good, i do like her writing, althought sometimes i wonder if she says things in her column to raise a point, spark a debate - which is journalism after all, but often things i can't actually imagine her doing or agreeing with. Have you bought your husband a book too, so when you ignore him & read this, he's not left out?? My husband is the reader, not me, love Posie

  4. Oh Coco's room is beautiful! I just had to comment because I laughed (will kind of snorted as I have laryngitis) at the pajay-jays. I've only ever said 'va-jay-jay' - a much different meaning!!

  5. You really just chose the best reading magazine! So nice.

  6. Ohhh I love Mia her last book was nothing short of Amazing! Have been a fan of hers since she first started at Cosmo. Loving Coco's bedroom very pretty! Have a lovely weekend Lousie xx


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