11 March 2011

Happy Lonny Day!

Is there any greater feeling in the world than knowing there is a crisp new issue of Lonny magazine just patiently waiting to be read? I'll give you a clue: No. No there isn't. 8pm tonight and the March/April 2011 issue of Lonny is MINE! Read it yet? I'd love to know your favorite feature/interior!

PS Suddenly, in both fashion and interior circles, there is a total abundance of the colour red. And suddenly? I love it!


  1. I have to hold off until tonight too. It's such a tease having such a pretty little thing waiting in the inbox. x

  2. you always have the best alerts, Louise!! cannot wait for the new issue!!! xx meenal

  3. I do love red as an accent. And I do love Lonny! x

  4. A Balanced Blend or the Cape Cod feature... it's a toss up!

    For more reading: Scandinavian Decor Book up for grabs at Northern Light! ...anyone interested?

    Northern Light

  5. Super excited..just can't wait! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love seeing how excited you are when new issues of your favorite mags arrive because I am the EXACT same way!


  7. I'm a fan of Jennifer Dyer's home! that salmon coloured door is to die for!


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