22 March 2011

Andy Warhol's paintbrush

This is Andy Warhol's paintbrush, photographed by Swiss-born photographer Henry Leutwyler. His Bio (so rightly) points out: "Mr. Leutwyler brings a 
forensic intensity to his creation of a unique collection of still lifes that chart a 
cultural timeline of the modern world. Jimi Hendixʼs guitar. Michael Jacksonʼs 
white glove. Andy Warholʼs paintbrush. The pistol that killed Lee Harvey Oswald. 
Alfred Hitchcockʼs passport, the glasses of John Lennon and the harmonica of 
Bob Dylan."


The intensity of those colours is so beautiful.


  1. that's some portfolio mr. leutwyler has!! xx meenal

  2. For some reason, Andy Warhol's paintbrush looks like an artwork in itself. Love it!



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