14 February 2011

Table Tonic reader offer: 20% off at Whiteport

This week's trick, I'd like you all to enjoy 20% off at Whiteport. As the name suggests, Whiteport "offers a unique range of premium and affordable bedding, furniture and homewares, all themed around a stylish white palette." Simply enter coupon code "BLOG" at checkout and you'll receive 20% off your Whiteport order until midnight Sunday 20th February (AEST). PS Below are some of their positively swoony bits and bobs:

(above) "Vintage Butterfly Art" $139.95
Table Tonic reader price $111.96

(above) "Ceramic Drum Stool" $299.95
Table Tonic reader price $239.96

(above) "Custom Bus Scrolls" $449.95
Table Tonic reader price $359.96

Table Tonic reader price $79.96


  1. Nice one, Louise!

    Sorry I've been a bit absent from your blog. I lost you in my reader and that was the end of that. But I'm back and loving you just as much. x

  2. Ooo I'm heading over there right now, I am on the hunt for a drum stool so perfect timing.

  3. I love Whiteport, have bought some lovely things there, 20% off seems like a great time to get a few more :) Nicolex

  4. oh my - look at all the white! i've never heard of Whiteport but i'm smitten...especially with the Hampton's butler tray...and the Chatham photo albums...and the Plympton leather boxes.


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