01 February 2011

Table Tonic moodboard: 3 images to delight & inspire

1. Kelly Wearstler does it again: Can we talk about the Viceroy Anguilla for a minute? This one really deserves an entire blog post, but do me a favour and go over and check out their "photo gallery". Takes a while to load, but ohhhhh my. I love how Kelly's interiors always have such an enormous emphasis on natural materials. Check it:

2. Kids Ahoy! The Mini Tonics both have birthdays coming up, and they have been begging for a pirate flag. They're kind of cute as outdoor kiddy decor, plus I noticed in The Outdoor Room mag that Mark Tuckey's kids have a very cool pirate flag, credited to Aussie stylist Sibella Court's fab shop, The Society Inc.

Real Living

3. Surfin' USA: I think I need a surf shed in my life. Perhaps some surfing lessons might be in order first... PS From my new favourite blog - Fern & Feather.

PPS Pinch and a punch, it's the first of the month!


  1. Oh the drama of that first room, love the giant palm leaves, the stools and the openess of the room, heading over to the photo gallery now...thanks for the heads up. BTW loving seeing the development of your new home as well!

  2. I think you need to buy an old tinny to go with the pirate flag!

  3. I wasn't so keen on the new viceroy ~ such a contrast to her usual wonderful explosions of colour. But it is growing on me, and it shows that she can turn her hand to any colour scheme and make it her own. Love the pirate flag idea! For one of my boy's birthdays a couple of years ago we did a pirate theme with a huge industrial door stuck up on bricks as a "walk the plank" boat on the way through the front garden. It was such a hit that they begged for it to be left for a time for {poor unwitting} visitors to negotiate.

  4. Hi Louise, loving the new house! Not sure how far you want to take the pirate idea, but thought I'd let you know about a pirate shop I found in my web travels! It's in San Fransisco, looks delightful! I'd bookmarked it, thinking it will come in handy for finding a quirky gift for my hubby :)
    It's 826valencia.org/store/
    (as you can see I have no idea how to insert links!)
    Enjoy B.xx

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