15 February 2011

Rockin' my world right now:

1. Caffeine. A large skim latte, to be precise (aka "the stuff that fuels the Table Tonic fire".)

2. My new hairdressing salon (Mana) is so pretty I had to whip out the iPhone on my last visit. This was the little corner I enjoyed for 3 odd hours last Tuesday. And which resulted in a parking ticket (Ooooops!).

3. My very favourite Tsubi (before it was Ksubi) denim jacket that I'm wearing today. Bought, probably 8 years ago and just the best cut ever.

4. Murchison Hume everything! But it's the "'Decidedly Rich' Everyday Hand Cream" that has me foaming at the mouth. Love me a good hand cream and this, here is 500ml of pure hand-softening greatness, Tonic-ettes. 

Murchison Hume  is truly a fantastic brand - Check it:
"We go way beyond merely "natural, green and eco-friendly," our products are designed to be the finest, most safe & effective natural housecleaning products on Earth. Our plant-based, Earth-Friendly products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-fuming, non-polluting, readily biodegradable, grey-water safe and best of all: They actually workBecause we know if it doesn’t perform, you’ll go back to the toxic stuff!"

5. Speaking of truly fantastic brands, I can confidently say I'll be buying the following two products for the rest of my natural born days - Lanolips Rose Balm Intense and Lanolips 101 Ointment. This. Stuff. Works.

6. Brand spankers new March issues of Aussie Instyle & Vogue Living. My 2 faves in one neat pile on the carpet. Day = Made.

7. Mini-Tonic #1 turned "free" last week. Really just an excuse for a proud mum photo...

(above) "I'm free"...

Now it's your turn - Anything rockin' your world?


  1. Ha! cute...I have to check out a couple of those things on your list...especially the Lanolips! :)))
    Your daughter is too cute....HAPPY VDAY!


  2. My original 70s brass arc lamp which is being delivered tonight. AWESOME! Love love an ebay bargain, probably about as much as you L.

  3. I LOVE lanolips.. Actuallyh good for cracked nipples also thankyou breastfeeding.. Ha! Things that are rocking my world is Sasperella + thanks to your insperation i started a blog! Just rambling to no one... yet.. :) x

  4. we too thrive on lattes and love max kater's yummy products, we want them all! x

  5. I can imagine the Vogue living is going to be rocking my world soon, didn't realise it was already out. But beside that, my new orchid plant that I got for Vday. It's simply beautiful....

  6. Wanna know...? Check out tomorrow's blog post! Cheers xx

  7. I too will be buying Lanolips FOREVER. 101 and Rose Balm Intense are my bedtime rituals.

  8. Your daughter is just adorable! Oh, and between you and that nut Mrs Woog I am pretty sold on Murchison-Hume! Thinking of using it in a wedding I am styling as the packaging is so glam. Oh- and with you on the lanolips- amazeballs!

  9. Oh wow I have been away from Australia for too long. I didn't know Tsubi changed their name. I still have a pair of jeans from them that I bought 8 years ago. I'm not rocking my cute Aus bottom so they are sitting at the bottom of the draw.

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