09 February 2011

My Vibe My Life: Bookmark it like, now!

A few days ago, Kelly Wearstler (I'm going to assume you know who she is) quietly launched her blog, My Vibe My Life. Bookmark it like, now (if you haven't already, that is)!

(below) Some of Kelly's "vibe trays" for: 

(above) A villa in Miami...

(above) A dining room in Manhattan...

(above) A bedroom in a Kuwait estate.

So insightful, huh? Making a vibe tray gives you an immediate sense of whether a room is "coming together" or "working". I should really do one for Anoushka's room... PS Wouldn't you just kill to know who the people who live in these estates & villas are?! I would. Ohhh baby, I would.


  1. How amazing is Kelly Wearstler!!! I love the vibe tray idea, i would love to see one for Anoushka's room so do it i say!
    Oh yes I'm with you would also love to see who lives in these places.

  2. Just subscribed. That woman is an inspiration! Looking forward to her updates and possibly more pics of that studio. What a dream space to work in.


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