24 February 2011

Highgloss magazine + The Coveteur

Time seems to have flown by this past few weeks, and there are two websites I ordinarily would have blogged about theminute I caught wind of them, but didn't. And I can't bear to go on living my life and calling myself a blogger until I alert you all to them. So.

1. Highgloss :: When the founder-slash-editor-in-chief of the latest online decor mag is Paloma Contreras (of La Dolce Vita fame), you know you're onto a winner. Go have a read and prepare to be inspired on a grand scale.

2. The Coveteur ::  Originally called The Coveted (but then the real The Coveted called the lawyers and, well, to cut a long story short, it's now been (promptly!) renamed The Coveteur and who gives a rats anyway - it's fab (think Vogue and The Selby's lovechild). FAB!


  1. I subscribed to High Gloss well before it launched...but thanks for alerting me to The Coveteur...loving the varied vignettes there..I guess their bye-line says it all!! thanks for sharing, Louise!!

  2. My dear .. you could call yourself a 'blogger' without letting us know about these (I would even go as far as to call you 'the Queen of bloggers!!) .. but .. glad you did let us know about these. I'm heading off now (-:

  3. Love this post, though think you may have your Covetish mixed up with the Coveted!!!!
    Covetish is a great Aus fashion site. Hope the lovely girls at Covetish dont suffer from defamation!

  4. Thank you Anon, I DID, infact have all my coveted-ish-eurs in a muddle! All fixed now.
    You're a star!


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