22 February 2011

Anoushka's room: A (visual) progress report

Bearing in mind that it's far from finished, let's stand back and enjoy how this little corner of Anoushka's room is finally coming together (yes, after much of a kerfuffle, the $@%#
Hermes orange gloss $@%# daybed is dunzo!)...

(above) Obsessing over the "brass" lamp I found this morning at "Lightstyle" in the Belrose Supacenta (aka home of bad 80's music). The base was $99 and the shade, $69. SO happy with that! And yes, came in silver too. Ph: (02) 9450-0441

(below) The original inspiration: 

(below) Also going to chuck in these 3 Table Tonic Moroccan Leather Pouffes (who's a lucky girl?!):

(below) And maybe this Table Tonic Juju Hat (it's the perfect Fushia)...

 (below) The Kelly Wearstler inspired "Vibe Tray":

The For Like Ever poster I ordered a few weeks back arrived today as well! And FYI it fits perfectly into the largest Ikea Ribba frame (the $69 one)! PS Thanks Sal for that hot tip! Yes. I see the pendant light at the end of the decor tunnel. We're getting there...


  1. Looks fantastic - love how the bed turned out!

    Sarah x

  2. Louise.. Your a $@%# Genius.. Ha! Love it!!!!!!! xx

  3. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L....it is sooo lovely...loving the brass lamp too...i always found brass lamps a little too grown up and serious for a child's room...but you make it work so well here...just perfect...anoushka must be so proud of her mommie!!!!!Now I'm inspired to finish the last bits of my daughter's room and share on my blog too!!

  4. I think Bohemian Hunter said it best! :)

    So fabulous! I can only imagine what the final version of the room will be if this is your progress! Love the vibe tray a lot, too!


  5. Looking very nice! Orange bed looks amazing.

  6. It looks great already! That lamp was a fantastic find. Cant wait to see the finished product!

  7. Love the orange bed.

    mb from Dallas

  8. WOW! Looks gorgeous so far Louise ... knew it would. I too ordered a For Like Ever poster (before Christmas) but it still hasn't arrived as yet. Am getting worried because they have now sold out and aren't doing any more runs of that poster! I felt so chuffed with myself having bought one of the very last ones, For Like Ever! Hopefully mine is at home tonight! Looking forward to further developments in Anoushka's room! Lucky girl.

  9. Louise the room looks great, just loving it! Can't wait to see it with all the extra lovely details, a very lucky girl indeed!
    I ordered a For Like Ever poster about a few weeks ago and it has just arrived, but I got it sent to myus.com address and then they shipped it to me for only about $38.
    Jaz xx

  10. oh man. i wish i'd known that the for like ever poster fit a ribba frame...pretty sure the custom one flanking mine was a tad pricier. the room looks amazing!!! (i'm just now reading this and have seen the finished post) LOVE all of the color, louise!

    p.s. what is with the boycott american women comment? rude. DE-LETE.


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