07 February 2011

And the (very lucky) $100 SHOPBOP gift card winner is...

Thank you so much to all who took the time to enter the Table Tonic $100 Shopbop gift card giveaway. After a few days had passed, I was starting to wish so badly that I had a gift card for all of you (they said no). 

So without further ado, the very lucky winner is: Anna White (who you may know better as the blogger behind Lona de Anna). CONGRATULATIONS ANNA! Please contact me for details on how to claim your prize. PS Did I mention this competition has a loser?

My credit card! Turns out all this talk of Shopbop gave me a shopping itch of my very own and yes, of course I scratched it. With the following:

(above) "Bassike Tie Back Dress" in grey marle. I have this dress in white, and when it's not in the wash, you can bet your booties I'm wearing it. It's actually a little longer than it looks on this leggy lass. And I plan on proposing to it soon.

(above) "Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelet Set". Quite possibly the most fun you can have for USD$15.

(above) Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Messenger Bag in Black. I thought about this one for a long time. I have no idea why though...

And there you have it. The Shopbop love affair continues (I urge you to pay them a visit if you haven't already)! Huge thanks to Jeffrey from Shopbop for the opportunity to host such a smashing giveaway.


  1. Oh my love that dress! But can you wear a bra with it? Could you let me know Louise? Ta Michelle x

  2. Woohoo for Anna!!! How much fun with she have :)
    Hmmm, mihht have to check out those bangles...

  3. Hi Michelle, I've been wearing mine: a) To the beach, over a Bikini, b) With a (flouro pink!) bandeau bra top (one of those BONDS ones) under it, or c) With a Shortish (red & white stripey) top over it. :)

  4. So sad I didn't win:-( So I may have to go buy those shoes I was lusting after now! Lol great giveaway!

  5. I'm turning the big 3-0 on Sunday and I've directed my mum to Shopbop/Marc Jacobs for a little present shopping. Can't wait!

  6. Hi Louise, I just clicked on over and bought myself those marc jacobs bangles, they are too cute! I want that lovely dress next. x

  7. OH B#LL....no way....it cant be...me?
    I was reading this post thinking..how funny when I scroll down I see my name...I'm gobsmacked!!

    Oh My Gosh...Thank you so so very much Louise!! And Shopbob of course! Im so super super chuffed..Whoot Whoo :) x

  8. p.s couldnt send you an email through your link?..think it
    may be something to do with having Ubuntu installed on my end? can you let me know if you haven't received it?
    Thanks lovely x

  9. Omigosh! I am so getting that marc jelly bracelet!!! So much fun!!!

  10. Thanks for the tip about the dress. x Michelle

  11. Oh, Anna, congrats, you lovely girl. Make sure you post about what you do with your booty! J x

  12. Congrats Anna - Yippee and happy shopping :)

    Love that dress, seriously love !!


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