20 January 2011

Table Tonic show & tell: Today's mail

Given the interior-decor-friendliness of the mail I just received, I thought it might be worth sharing (and PS you've gotta love a mailman who has a "treat belt" full of doggy snacks!)...

(above) White Moroccan Leather pouffe, $199 from Table Tonic.
Clockwise from the top:
1. Country Style magazine's February 2011 issue.
2. 2 of these from Castle and Things.
3. My Ikea Family card (join here).


  1. my country style magazine arrived today too! i have already blogged about mine lol


  2. Hi Louise! I just love the country style magazine- and adore the moroccan white leather pouffe :))

  3. Oooo the new Country Style, I better get a move on, I haven't even finished with January's! Loving your blog!
    Sophie x

  4. Country Style looks like a stunner of a magazine. I've never read an issue, pleaseeeeeee do a review post - I'd love to have a peek inside! xo

  5. Say what? An IKEA family card!??!?!? I don't know what it is but I'm jealous. Sadly this family card business does not exist in Canada. Yet another reason to move down under!

  6. Where do you store all these magazines! I love for you to do a post on magazine storage!!

    Your blog rocks!!


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