20 January 2011

Online buy: Anthropologie's "New Growth Bib Necklace"

So I just paid Trina over at La La Lovely a long overdue visit and look what happened! I... click..click...click... bought this! And yes, the shipping to Australia cost as much as the necklace. Love that. PS (Trina can be seen wearing it with her fab new hair in this post).

"Smooth beads and faceted orbs in the palette of shining sun, fresh spring leaves and sparkling dew." My sentiments exactly, Anthropologie.


  1. just beautiful! lovely colors! and it seems to have a beautiful sheen.


  2. It's lovely! That's the only bad thing about Anthro, the postage to Aus is terrible!

  3. Oh my - LOVE this necklace, love trina and her lovely blog. She is such a darling - she featuredt he cutest plate and soap from anthro last Christams on her blog - i said how much i loved it and she sent it to me! just gorgeous xx

  4. Am loving that! xx I have a gorgeous peachy number from there...gonna pop over now and take a look whats new! xx And love Trina too! x

  5. I saw her wearing it too and loved it, shame they dont have it in the EU site

  6. i **adore** this,... i'm off to have a nose around her blog now pjxx


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