24 January 2011

A New Years Eve tale (of good fortune!)

A few weeks back on New Year's Eve (somebody say ALMOST FEBRUARY?!), we strolled down to the local Chinese with the Mini-Tonics for what would become a feast of epic proportions. It was truly divine. Prawn crackers (or "prawn biscuits", as Anoushka calls them) sang choy bow, spring rolls, crispy skin duck with plum sauce, toffee coated apple pieces, it was all there. Then we get fortune cookies, and I am on the verge of, you know, very full-ness, so I take mine home (it's my fortune, after all!) and put it in the kiddie "treat draw". Anoushka ate it the other night (hence the tear?!) and I was DYING to see my fortune:

Yee-Haaw! Bring it on. Particularly poignant, given it was a New Year's Eve fortune cookie, I thought! And so far this year, it's already coming true...


  1. Maybe it's your fortune and Anoushkas!?! Her life can only get more exciting being a little one! How cute.. lovely to share something like that with her.. x

  2. Hold on to your hats, then...
    All good things.

  3. Woohoo .. sounds like fun.
    Oh, and the crispy skin duck - my fav. Must be a virgo thing.

    Have a great week (-:

  4. Sounds like we are in for some exciting posts this year.

  5. What a wonderful fortune! I have no doubt you have an exciting 2011 ahead of you!


  6. Great! Fasten your seat belt and enjoy every minute of it! :))

  7. Add some salt and pepper squid and cancel the dessert and we have the same order at Chinese!

  8. YAY I just love it!! This is one to keep right by your desk or in your planner! I can't wait to see all that you accomplish in 2011

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