11 January 2011

Happy Lonny Day!

Today has two names (and two reasons to celebrate!) - Lonny Day and Sofa Day (it's arriving any minute now!). I'll take some pics as soon as "Jasper" arrives, but till then, feast your peepers on Lonny's Jan/Feb 2011 issue. I'm about to have a flick myself, and if that cover is anything to go by (do you love it?), there's going to be insta-lust all over the place...


  1. I hope Jasper 'the boy' doesn't get upset that Jasper 'the couch' gets a special day names after it .. hahahahaha

  2. Love the picture of the African man on the Lonny cover. Also love that you have made a Lonny Day! This post made my day. :)

  3. Yay! Gotta love a new issue of Lonny!



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