30 January 2011

Happy ADORE HOME day: Issue 3 out now!

Forgive me if I sound biased, but Aussie online decor newbie Adore Home is fast becoming a favourite! Featuring beautifully designed layouts, the hottest of hot homes and interiors, plus well sourced goodies (and lots of them), this one woman show gets a standing ovation from me! Click to read Issue 3 of Adore Home.

(below) PS Look for Table Tonic (and a few of my favourite things) on page 21.

Missed Issue 1 and 2 of Adore Home? Head over to Adore Home, click on the "back issues" tab and buy a digital copy for just $4.95 each! I know. I should be on commission.


  1. Just flipped through it. Loved it! I can't get over the "For Like Ever" print either.

  2. Thanks, Louise - what an inspiring way to spend a Monday morning flicking through Adore.


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