17 January 2011

Beach-chic: 2 more reasons to love eBay

Shortly before we moved house, I decided to inject a little bit of beachy-ness into my life via some online retail therapy. Enter Mrs Barnacle and The Glass Buoy Babies... PS Both items were bought from this Aussie eBay seller.

(below) The barnacle lives here:

(below) and the baby buoys live here:

Cheap & cheerful and yet another reason to worship at the altar of eBay. PPS That hanging driftwood thingy? It's from My Island Home here in Sydney and the giant clam shell is often referred to as "my best eBay purchase of all time".


  1. Don't you just love ebay??? I absolutely love your purchases and LOVE that glass & brass table. And I won't even mention the chairs because I have been drooling at the thought of them ever since I saw them in Real Living....

  2. Yes, the table is positively Groovy Baby! Such fun is ebay - a real sense of adventure. Glass buoys are gorgeous things!

  3. I saw a beautiful clam shell in Danks St, Redfern over the weekend and desperately wanted it - until they told me they were asking $2000 for it. So feel proud of yours! (assuming you paid a lot less).

  4. Rouge - there's a few around here (Northern Beaches) around the $800 - $900 mark. Just FYI. $2000 though? YIKES!! From memory, I nabbed mine for around $300/$400... A relative "steal"!

  5. I agree ... The giant clam shell is fabulous!!


  6. Well I'm on the Northern Beaches (Manly) so I shall keep my eye open. It's a sudden and violent lust come upon me! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Tha Aboriginal artwork is just FAB where did you buy!! I am in the market!! Suzanne

  8. I'll say it again...that little hallway vingette of yours is among my all time favourites- love love everything! Your new items are the perfect tough- I especially love mr.barnacle- the little hint of pink in him is delightful!

  9. LOVE that giant clam shell !!!


  10. Hi Suzanne - Have a guess where I bought the artwork (Hint: eBay!!!). There are a bunch of reputable art dealers out there...x

  11. Cool!! Thanks Louise I will check it out!!!!!!!Suzanne.

  12. I found mine on the bottom of the ocean in the northern territory - they were already dead (of course!) and are currently in a box somewhere!

    Mine have only ever found a home OUTSide and am inspired to bring them in.

    These on ebay today - currently at $1 (these are no relation to me - interesting to know where they go...) http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230574578991&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

    Also - i saw PEARL shells in a net on gumtree lately - could not shell out what the guy wanted but they were delicious!!

    Thanks for the post


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