29 January 2011

21 bookmark-worthy sites I (only) discovered this week

A bunch of goodies this week, Tonic-ettes. Feast yer peepers on my latest blog discoveries (are there not enough hours in the day or what?)! PS A big hello to all my new followers! To catch up on last year's lessons in "cool blog 101", click here for the whole lot!

PS Call me crazy, but I was completely unaware that Erin, the genius behind House of Turquoise, has no less than three other blogs!
everything turquoise

UPDATE: Okay, so Erin actually has 12 other blogs (deep breath) and one, the aptly named "All Animal Prints" is dedicated entirely to, you guessed it, animal print! I know. Click here to view them all (Thanks Erin!).


  1. You are too sweet, Louise! I actually have 12 blogs altogether! (See them all at www.decorbycolor.com) Thanks so much for mentioning these though, I really appreciate it!

    AND, a HUGE congrats to you for being a finalist in The Homies! So well-deserved! Your blog is the best!

  2. I just clicked through to the house of turquoise and my heart did a little flutter. Turquoise and red is one of my favorite combos (right up there with gray with anything).

    You have such a lovely blog and it's such an honor to be nominated along side you for the Homies.

  3. OMG! Thanks for including me in your list!! So nice to meet you and I'll be checkin' back on your site often too!

  4. thank you for sharing. will definitely check them out.

  5. Thank you for including my very new blog Louise. I wanted to get into textiles because I found trying to buy fabrics myself so unfriendly and thought there had to be a nicer way. I am finding the blogging community so positive and friendly and I want to bottle that energy and put it into my business. Thank you so much for your support and for your FABULOUS blog. Annie x.

  6. lol you made my day!! A million thank you's are being sent your way!

  7. Thank you for including me in your list. It was such a nice surprise to check your blog and find me there.

  8. Thanks for sharing the photo of my mantle on your blog post today! I am so happy that the fab women of Australia like my work! Thanks so much! Emily


  9. BIG thank you for the mention :)

    *Blog Hugs*

  10. I'm so happy you've discovered In Jennie's Kitchen, and thanks for including me in this great round-up!

  11. Thank you so much for including our blog! We always browse your list and were delighted to see ours on it ;)

    Kirby & Alexa

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